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<GOOD MUSIC> - The Charter

GOOD MUSIC comes in a variety of different forms. It could be the morning dew, glistening on the grass outside. It could be the birds singing outside your window. GOOD MUSIC could be a promotion at your place of employment, it could be a brand new girl you just met and have been talking to lately. GOOD MUSIC could simply be the sound of silence at the end of the day, slowly taking in all that happened, letting it sink into you as the night takes hold. In its purest form, GOOD MUSIC is the harmony that binds us all together as one cohesive unit.


GOOD MUSIC is a guild formed by a small group of MMO players with a great deal of experience ranging from Ultima Online to WoW Cataclysm. We are a focused and skilled core group with the expectation that all those who join our ranks follow the same mentality that created GOOD MUSIC. The mentality of solidarity within the guild, and a mutual respect for all others that we happen to be playing with. Our goal is to create a community and a fellowship not only for those within the guild, but for the shard wide community as well. Massively multiplayer games are more than simple video games. They are a social community of friends, family members, and total strangers, and our aim is to perform at a top level, while building the community that we will need for future success.

The GOOD MUSIC family strives to create an atmosphere of GOOD karma by respecting ourselves and our fellow players, because as a member, your actions directly affect the image portrayed by the guild. We have no qualms of removing players we deem detrimental to the environment we have created.

Our aim is to not only progress into high level endgame content, but to be one of the most highly regarded guilds on the shard through a combination of skill and attitude. With our focus on both PvP and PvE, we aim to attract 'casually hardcore' players who may not have the same amount of time to dedicate as the bleeding edge PvPvE guilds. Our intention is not to spend 4 to 5 nights a week raiding at 4+ hours a night, but rather emphasize efficiency and personal skill improvement to progress at a nearly bleeding edge pace with significantly less time investment.

All in all, GOOD MUSIC is a community of skilled players who enjoy spending time in game with other players of similar skill and attitude, while building up the game community by leading through example.

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Current Priorities

KanyeWest, Mar 13, 11 2:36 PM.
  • Level to 50
  • Recruit skilled players
  • Do guild quests
  • Help each other!
  • Get into a dungeon / raid mentality. Once we have enough 50's we will be doing endgame PvE!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

KanyeWest, Mar 7, 11 2:00 PM.
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